Air Hawk Reviews – Buying Guide 2018

Nowadays, power tools are not exclusively available for professional handymen only. The technology behind tool manufacturing had gotten better and cheaper, so considering such a purchase has become a reality. In this Air Hawk air compressor review, we will go through the essential info that you need to know about this brand and their famous product.

In today`s market, there are a lot of competitive power tool manufacturers. Choosing an adequate device for your specific needs is the best money saver you can implement into your search criteria. We will go through the most important benefits you can get from these air compressors, and talk about their power and limits.

We`ve tested the most purchased unit, researched warranty policies and other important info. So, stay tuned and find out more about this brand.

Air Hawk PRO Air Compressor Review

Air Hawk PRO Air Compressor

The first thing we noticed after unpacking this unit is the incredibly compact size of it.  With a size no bigger than the average electric handheld drill, this model seems quite pragmatic, and easy to fit into any toolbox.

When it comes to the size-to-power ratio of an air compressor, as mentioned in our buying guide, you need to keep in mind that this model is not a tool to be used in every situation. But, what the unit lacks in power, it makes up as one of the most portable air compressors out there.

The impeccable modern design distinguishes this unit from the commonly known air compressors. It is not built as traditional air compressing tools are. It has no air tank attached and is completely handheld. That is the main reason why it can be used in situations such as off-site locations and road trips.

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The whole device is cordless and ready to use in a matter of seconds. The battery is sturdy enough to withstand quick tasks, like tire inflation and it is quite exceptional when dealing with sports equipment.

Although you may not want to bring this unit to a heavy-duty job, you can pack it and carry it with you anywhere you wish. Weighing just above 3 pounds, it is ideal for outside tasks, due to its portability.

The unit itself is packed with a digital LED air compressor gauge, and a screen to help you monitor and control the air pressure. Additionally, this model has the automatic shut off option to help you focus on other tasks while the inflation is being done.

All in all, it is a sought-out model in its price range, among the light-duty air compressors. The nozzles provided will help in reaching and matching every type of car tire there is.

What to Expect from Air Hawk Pro Air Compressor

Make no mistake, this device is extremely light-duty. It is primarily made to help you inflate car tire, bicycle tires, swimming pool equipment, sports gear… You get the idea. The user manual of Air Hawk Pro says to charge the device for 3 hours straight before using it, and the charger has an indicator (red light/green light) to help you see when the device is ready.


  • Extremely portable, less than 3 pounds in weight
  • The LED monitor helps you track the pressure of tires you are inflating
  • Additional adaptable nozzles for other uses


  • Not as powerful as other compressors
  • The plastic it`s made of is somewhat clunky

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Air Hawk as a Brand

Air Hawk as a BrandThe Air Hawk air compressors gain their popularity via TV. They were marketed as power tools available to everyone, defeating the opinion that this power tool niche is for professionals only. Not only that they popularized air compressors, but they also made affordable versions and made sure that their units are incredibly easy to use.

This is their main point. The manufacturer insists that you do not need hundreds and hundreds of dollars to have a solid tool to help you tackle everyday tasks. Many manufacturers make air compressors that need a lot of space to store and a lot of time to get ready to work.

We are all aware of the competition in this industry. If you do not want to invest in professional heavy-duty machines, Air Hawk can help you out. We enjoyed the portability (best in the game), and we loved the option to store these units in a matter of seconds.

Design and Function

The first thing that we noticed right off the bat, is the beautiful modern design, which is somewhat rare considering the usually robust design of power tools. The LED monitor with backlight and the indicator of exerted pressure proved to be quite useful, though they were not perfectly precise. And the auto-stop feature felt quite practical and is another quality of life function this manufacturer brings to the table.

Air Hawk provides a great learning curve and needs no previous knowledge nor experience with air compressors. That is where the magic lies. Affordable and extremely easy-to-use. Above all, the controls are quite intuitive, so you should not have any problems with the utilization of the device.

The units come with storing cases and additional gear in the form of adjusting nozzles. These nozzles cover most of the standard needs when it comes to tires and sports gear. These units replace all types of commonly used pumps, and they do it with a solid performance.

We think that this manufacturer excels in the field of air compressors with its portability, price and overall intuitive interface. A light-duty machine to help you with small everyday inflation tasks.

Warranty Policies, Community, and Customer Support

As mentioned before, these units are made of plastic, in order to make them portable and ergonomic. They are the smallest out there and are meant to be stored into any average toolbox. Nevertheless, because of the popularity of these units, the community around it is vast. People even review and show their purchases on YouTube in the form of videos and tutorials. That shows us that people actively purchase and use these models.

These models are quite affordable, and it is only logical that their warranty will not cover a very long period of time. Nevertheless, Air Hawk air compressors are covered by a 6-month to a 1-year policy, which is quite fair.

The customer support though is done only through a traditional and standard channel, phone calls. The company, however, will provide essential information and any data needed regarding the compressor itself. If you do not mind the lack of online support/help, this will present no problem.

Wrap Up

There we have it, Air Hawk units analyzed and tested in advertised situations. The overall impression left by these units is solid, and above all ergonomic. These units can be stored anywhere, and fit perfectly in standard tool boxes and car trunks. The weight and size are the prime points of these power tools.

We hope that we have covered every important and essential aspect of this brand in this unbiased Air Hawk air compressor review. If any questions remain, feel free to ask in the comment section and we will gladly provide the answers.