Air Compressor Report is created with a single purpose in mind – becoming an authority on all air compressor reviews by testing the most popular units on the market. There are so many products and their end goal and purpose is the same, so it’s not that hard to make the wrong choice when buying such a unit. With our reviews, you can take the guesswork out of the equation and simply choose the best model for your needs.

We have prepared full-blown reports for car tire air compressors, portable units, the most silent ones, and also – air compressors that use only 12 volts. When it comes to famous brands, we reviewed Air Hawk, Bostitch, California Air, Makita and many others.

It’s not that easy to dig out all information online about the air compressor units – it could take days to learn all there is to each brand and model. Luckily for you, we have taken the time to condense all that information into logical chunks, and by testing all units on our own, we can provide unbiased reviews. You can feel safe knowing that the opinions we write are all our own and aren’t solicited or paid.

We have included all the important information like detailed specifications, warranty policies, overall guarantees, type of power, best uses, portability and more. If you prefer a certain brand, we have also grouped items into bestselling products by manufacturer. There are also detailed reviews for single units with all necessary information about the features, including overall pros and cons.

Sometimes it’s not the issue of buying a badly manufactured unit – more often it’s about getting the wrong type of unit that won’t satisfy your needs. There are a lot of things you should take into account when buying an air compressor. If you plan on using an air compressor for emergency situations like inflating a car tire, perhaps you should choose some of the portable units or the ones specially intended for car tire inflation.

If you need a regular air compressor for various uses like inflating pool items, mattresses, you can easily take a pick from one of our units in buying guides. You will need more horsepower in air compressors intended for heavy use around the construction site, that can power various tools. These units have to be sturdier, with efficient warranty, and enough strength to endure heavy workload.

Air Compressor Report is the one place where you can find out everything there is to know about air compressors, additional tools, and their primary use. You can even use our handy charts that compare products side by side if you need to quickly review their best features, weight, or dimensions.

We really hope that you will find our air compressor reviews helpful when making your purchase decision. If there are any questions left unanswered, feel free to write to us in the comments below and we will be happy to provide answers.